unrise Specialty Coatings, Inc. is a service contractor providing superior quality waterproofing of wood and concrete horizontal deck surfaces.  Check out our waterproofing page to see why our systems really are superior and how they can give you peace of mind.

   We view every project we produce as a form of art, commissioned by you -our client, customized to your unique taste.  We have produced decorative surfaces for more than 10 years, and we understand that what one person likes, the next person may not.  Many hours of research and development have been invested to create finish styles that look good. All of the various finish styles that you see here are all hand made and customized from a variety of textures, patterns and colors.  If you see it here, we can do it - or customize it - for you!  If you don’t see it here, tell us what you want.  We will create it for you.


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¨ Superior Waterproofing Technology.

¨ Light weight, minimal build-up deck coatings.

¨ High value without the high price.

¨ Experienced Professional Service.

¨ Lasting Quality Workmanship.

¨ Artistic Creativity joins Technical Precision.

¨ 20+ years experience in all phases of Residential construction. 

¨ Fast project completion and schedule flexibility.

¨ We go the extra mile instead of cutting corners.

Other Services We Provide:


¨ Deck cleaning

¨ Maintenance & Repair

¨ Garage floor coatings

¨ Resurfacing retaining walls

¨ Urethane deck restoration

Text Box: A picture is worth a thousand words.  So take a look around our site.  All the photos of finished products are of our own workmanship.

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Superior Deck Waterproofing Beautiful Decorative Finishes   

<-  There are several photos that you will see such as this one that have decks with out railings.  This is only because at the time the deck was photographed the railing installation was to follow shortly.