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“Form follows function has been misunderstood.  Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union.”                                      

                                                       - Frank Lloyd Wright

   The balcony deck of your home creates a connection to the outdoors.  With our decking systems your deck becomes an integral part of the home and serves as a hub for warm weather gatherings.

    long with beauty we also provide you peace of mind.  Our decorative coatings are built on a waterproofing system that has proven itself in the harsh northwest climate. You can have confidence that your new deck will not only look good, it will work.


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¨ Beautiful and unique.

¨ Light weight system requires no special engineering.

¨ Up to 10 year warranty.

¨ Customizable with wide range of design capabilities.

¨ Feels solid under your feet.

¨ Very low maintenance.

¨ Slope and drainage correction capabilities.

¨ Ideal for new construction.  The waterproofing system can be installed months before the finish system.

¨ Finish systems can be changed or upgraded over time without replacing the whole system.

¨ Railing post-mount risers reduce the risk of bolt-sealant failure and leaks.

¨ Stanchion post mount capable.

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