Slate and ceramic tile have a universal appeal that both looks great and feels solid under foot.  They resist the fading effects of the sun, have low maintenance requirements and are relatively easy to clean.  However, applying tile to elevated deck surfaces has brought on many problems for home owners here in the North West.  The climate for much of the year has unrelenting rainfall as anyone who has lived here for more than a year can attest. 

           Another issue is the underlayment and waterproofing systems being employed  are not properly suited to this climate.  A simple membrane does not generally work as well as it does in other dryer climates.  A similar situation to this occurred in the last 20 years with an exterior siding system called EIFS (exterior insulated finish system) of which Dryvit was one of the most popular brands.  After a few years it became apparent that it was not well suited to this climate and thousands of homeowners had problems develop with moisture intrusion and dry rot.  Since then, the systems have been modified to handle wet climates, but in the process many people lost a great deal of money. 

           Tile or slate in and of itself will not repel water, even if it is “sealed”.  If the underlayment and waterproofing system is not designed properly the chances of experiencing a leaky deck rises substantially. 

           Our system acts as both a waterproofing and an underlayment system.  They have redundant membrane technology,  superior flashing techniques, and a top surface that is perfectly suited for permanently and securely adhering tile. 

           We will warranty our system against leaking, even if we do not install the tile, with up to a 10 year warranty.  Call us today for an onsite consultation and a free quote.


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The result of a failed tiled deck after only 2 years. 

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