Restoring old and worn stamped concrete brings out the beauty and potential of your outdoor space without the huge expense of replacement.  We can restore the beauty and elegance of your space.  With permanently bonding polymer cements, advanced colorants, and high performance sealers we have the tools necessary to dramatically improve the look and feel of your deck, patio or driveway.

“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.” 

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Decorative concrete in desperate need of restoration.  This is not our work.

¨ Permanently bonding polymer cements fill in cracks, patch chips, and can create a true grouted look without grout problems.

¨ Advanced UV stable pigments and stains restore color and resist fading.

¨ High performance sealers repel water and  protect the surface from oils and stains.

¨ With our treatments, your stamped concrete can look better than when it was new.

¨ Slip resistant additives help reduce or eliminate unsafe conditions when wet.

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Restoring Old and Worn Stamped Concrete

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